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Our Dedicated Staff

Our compassionate team members are fully committed to empowering women and bringing positive transformation to their lives through the immense power of Jesus Christ. As women step into our sanctuary, they have often relied on substances to find solace and inner peace. However, embarking on a journey to find true peace in Jesus can be incredibly challenging, fraught with withdrawal symptoms, haunting night terrors, gripping anxiety, and much more. Our devoted staff stands by these brave women, offering unwavering support and guidance throughout their arduous path. Together, we help them navigate through the storm, embracing faith and rebuilding their lives upon the unshakable foundation of Jesus Christ.​


Phyllis, alongside her husband Bill, is the driving force behind House Of Hope NH. Her personal journey has paved the way for her to share the transformative power of God’s love, faith, and hope. After graduating from New Life Home for Women and Children in 1984 and completing Youth With a Mission in 1985, Phyllis has been actively involved in teaching and volunteering at New Life Home since 2012. As a testament to her dedication, she underwent an intensive director’s training program under New Life’s esteemed leadership team in 2017.

Phyllis has also made a significant impact through her Women’s Jail Ministry since 2011 and her dedication to the Gen Now youth team at Christian Life Fellowship for six years. With unwavering commitment, she has been an active member of the church since 2005.

Phyllis, together with Bill, envisions House Of Hope NH to be a beacon of hope for those battling substance abuse disorder. Their long-term residential program, nestled on 5.5 acres, offers women and their children a warm, loving atmosphere to experience freedom in Christ.

With a remarkable 37-year marriage to Bill Phelps and the joy of raising three adult children and eight grandchildren, Phyllis embodies the values of love, unity, and family.

Discover how Phyllis’s remarkable journey and House Of Hope NH can ignite a flame of hope within your own life.


Bill, along with His wife Phyllis, shares a vision of bringing Hope to individuals and mothers with children, caught in the trap of addiction. Through a long term residential program in the Monadnock Region, he envisions a path to recovery and liberation for those who need it most.

With a steadfast commitment to family, Bill has been joyfully married since 1987 and is blessed with three incredible children and eight beloved grandchildren.

He owned and operated his own business until his indomitable spirit was tested when a life-threatening motorcycle accident in July 27, 2009, left him with severe injuries. Yet, through the miraculous power of faith and God’s sustaining power he was able to overcome a very painful recovery.

Bill’s heart is brimming with compassion, especially for the younger generation. Drawing from his extensive experience coaching youth sports, he finds immense joy in sharing the boundless love of God with young souls. As a valued member of the Gen-Now youth team at Christian Life Fellowship, Bill has been an integral part of the community since 2005.

In 2016-2017, Bill and Phyllis undertook a rigorous Director’s training program under the guidance of New Life Home’s esteemed Leadership team. Equipped with invaluable insights and knowledge, they are now poised to spearhead transformative change and pave the way for countless lives to be touched and transformed.


Reverend Berman, the visionary and Senior Pastor of the Christian Life Fellowship Church in Swanzey, NH, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his ministry. Ordained in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (CMA), Pastor Berman has successfully planted churches, trained theological students, and provided invaluable mentorship and guidance. With his background in business, public speaking, and media, he has also served as a pastor in a vibrant, multicultural congregation in Connecticut.

Pastor Berman’s personal journey is what truly sets him apart. Having battled addiction during his teenage years, he intimately understands the devastating impact it has on relationships and all aspects of life. He’s experienced the feelings of hopelessness, pain, and despair associated with addiction firsthand. This unique perspective allows him to authentically connect with those facing the most difficult challenges stemming from addiction and self-destructive behaviors.

Drawing from his own experiences, Reverend Berman, as a spiritual counselor, has guided countless individuals towards transformative change using the power of Biblical principles. His empathetic approach and genuine care for others enable him to see beyond surface-level issues and address the root causes of addiction head-on.

Above all, Pastor Berman’s unwavering passion for people shines through in his 30 years of dedicated service. He has committed his life to setting people free from the chains of addiction and witnessing their remarkable transformations. With Pastor Berman leading the way, the Christian Life Fellowship Church thrives, with hope and restoration for all.


Patti’s journey began at Central Bible College, where she met her husband and embarked on a remarkable 48 years of pastoral ministry. Throughout this time, she has been a symbol of hope and  guidance for women of all ages, offering valuable insights and support in their struggles with addiction, mental health, and various life complications.

Patti’s true passion lies in sharing the principles of God’s Word through her teachings, trainings, and intimate conversations. With nearly thirty years of experience as a teacher in public schools, Patti has acquired practical skills and strategies to assist individuals with special needs.

Her involvement in a culturally diverse church in Boston has allowed her to collaborate closely with fellow Christian mental health professionals, bringing stability and transformation to those in need. As a spiritual advisor, Patti has touched the lives of countless individuals and families, helping them find peace and personal growth despite facing life’s most difficult traumas and challenges.

Motivated by her dedication to peer-counseling training and continuous professional development, Patti exudes an unwavering commitment to empowering women who seek refuge at House Of Hope NH, guiding them towards overcoming the various phases of life.

Lateesha Phelps – STAFF ASSISTANT

As an integral part of House Of Hope NH, Lateesha Phelps brings her expertise in early childhood education and teaching to empower women to overcome their challenges.

With her dedication to our program, Lateesha ensures that the ladies are well-organized, assists the staff with special projects, showcases her culinary skills in the kitchen, and lends a helping hand wherever it’s needed.

Her passion for seeing women thrive is a driving force behind our mission to create structure in their lives, with Jesus Christ as the foundation.

Lateesha is married and has three children.

Join us today and be a part of the incredible journey at House Of Hope NH.

Gayla Tardie – NIGHT STAFF

Gayla’s unwavering dedication shines as she works closely with the amazing ladies at House Of Hope NH, providing invaluable support and overseeing our program’s schedule.

With a heart for service, she embraces special projects for the home and skillfully coordinates Friday night worship and prayer for our cherished residents.

Beyond her role at House Of Hope NH, Gayla takes immense pride in being a loving mother to three incredible adult children. Having served with honor in the US Army, she brings a wealth of experience to our team.

Prior to her time at House Of Hope NH, Gayla spent 21 years as a dedicated safety monitor at Keene High School. Her unwavering commitment extends to Christian Life Fellowship Church, where she has been actively involved for over 26 years and currently serves on the worship team.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Board Of Directors

The House of Hope NH board brings years of wisdom and knowledge to the table. They bring organization skills  to fuel our fundraising efforts making them a success.

We are grateful for these individuals and their dedication to this ministry, allowing us to bring the Light of Jesus to these Women and their children.

Board members:

Dean Hlavaz – President

Pastor Steve Antin – Vice President

Carolyn O’Brien – Secretary/Treasurer

Phyllis Phelps – Executive Director