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Our compassionate team members are fully committed to empowering women and bringing positive transformation to their lives through the immense power of Jesus Christ. As women step into our sanctuary, they have often relied on substances to find solace and inner peace. However, embarking on a journey to find true peace in Jesus can be incredibly challenging, fraught with withdrawal symptoms, haunting night terrors, gripping anxiety, and much more. Our devoted staff stands by these brave women, offering unwavering support and guidance throughout their arduous path. Together, we help them navigate through the storm, embracing faith and rebuilding their lives upon the unshakable foundation of Jesus Christ.​


Phyllis is the Founding Director of House Of Hope NH along with her husband Bill. Through her own personal testimony, she shares the love of God, faith, and hope.

Phyllis graduated from New Life Home for Women and Children in 1984, and Youth With a Mission in 1985. Since 2012, she has enjoyed many opportunities to teach and volunteer at New Life Home. In 2017 she completed an intense director’s training program under New Life’s leadership team.

Phyllis has led a Women’s Jail Ministry since 2011.  She served on the Gen Now youth team at Christian Life Fellowship for six years and is an active member of the church, since 2005.

Phyllis’ vision along with her husband Bill’s, is to bring hope to those suffering with substance abuse disorder through a long- term residential program located on 5.5 acres in Keene, NH. House Of Hope NH opens doors for women and their children to experience freedom in Christ, in a warm loving atmosphere.

Phyllis has been married to Bill Phelps for 31 years. They have three adult children and eight grandchildren. 


Reverend Berman is the founding and Senior Pastor of the Christian Life Fellowship Church in Swanzey, NH, and is ordained in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (C&MA). Pastor Berman has extensive ministry experience including church planting, training theological students, mentoring and consulting.

Reverend Berman also has vast business experience, public speaking, as well as extensive media experience. He has also pastored in a multi ethnic congregation in Connecticut.

Pastor Berman knows the problem with addiction and how it contributes to a downward spiral in relationships, and every aspect of life. He knows this personally as one who was an addict in his teenage years. Our Pastor is not a stranger to dealing with the most difficult problems that are the result of addiction, irresponsibility, and a whole host of self-destructive behaviors. As he likes to say “I have been an addict, I know what it feels like, I know the hopelessness, I know the pain and I know exactly what it does and how to get free.”

As a spiritual counselor, Reverend Berman has helped hundreds of people turn their lives around through the power of the Biblical principles he candidly teaches. His years as an addict, along with his extensive years of ministry service, gives him the necessary tools that helps him to see through the façade, and get right to the root causes of addiction.

Most important is this; Our Pastor loves people, has dedicated his life to, and has been committed to seeing people be set free for 30 years.

Lateesha Phelps – STAFF ASSISTANT

As an integral part of House Of Hope NH, Lateesha Phelps brings her expertise in early childhood education and teaching to empower women to overcome their challenges.

With her dedication to our program, Lateesha ensures that the ladies are well-organized, assists the staff with special projects, showcases her culinary skills in the kitchen, and lends a helping hand wherever it’s needed.

Her passion for seeing women thrive is a driving force behind our mission to create structure in their lives, with Jesus Christ as the foundation.

Lateesha is married and has three children.

Join us today and be a part of the incredible journey at House Of Hope NH.

Gayla Tardie – NIGHT STAFF

Gayla works one-on-one with the ladies at House Of Hope NH and keeps the schedule for our program.

She works on special projects for the home, as well as,  coordinates Friday night worship and prayer for our residents.

Gayla is the mother of three adult children. She proudly served in the US Army and formerly worked as a safety monitor at Keene High School for 21 years.

Gayla has served in different capacities at Christian Life Fellowship Church over the last 26 years and is currently on the worship team there.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Board Of Directors

Board members:

Dean Hlavaz – President

Megan Neurock – Secretary

Carolyn O’Brien – Treasurer

Phyllis Phelps – Executive Director

Pastor Steve Antin – Vice President

(Left to right: Dean, Megan, Carolyn, Phyllis and Pastor Steve)


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