At the House Of Hope NH, Lori’s journey is an inspiring tale of triumph. Having graduated in April 2022, she wholeheartedly embraced the resources provided by House Of Hope NH, resulting in remarkable achievements. Lori obtained her GED, acquired a driver’s license, secured steady employment, and even purchased her very own vehicle. Such dedication and determination are truly commendable.

In 2023, Lori’s exceptional abilities led to her promotion as the Manager at Midas Muffler.

However, the House Of Hope NH stands apart, due to its remarkable focus on reuniting mothers with their children. True to this vision, Lori rejoiced in being reunited with her beloved son, Ryker. Together, they successfully transitioned to their own apartment, a testament to Lori’s unwavering commitment and transformation in Christ.

We take immense pride in witnessing her extraordinary journey and applaud her remarkable accomplishments.

“JESUS gets the Victory and these ladies receive a Life.”

Help provide the life-changing resources that make these remarkable transformations attainable.

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